Traditional Art

I take a lot of pride in my traditional art, and try to work to create things that are really fun and dynamic for people to enjoy.  My most recent art is at the top, and the older works are at the bottom; I love seeing improvement, so it’s important to me to track where I started!

Check my art info for materials and software that I use regularly.  These pieces are done with a variety of mediums, from Copics to digital to watercolors.

Commissions are currently open!  Check here for details!

Pastel Lantern Witch

Pastel Anjanath Girl

Pastel Mecha Slime Girl

Pastel Goddess Madoka

Pastel Magical Mascot – Blue

Pastel Magical Mascot – Pink

Pastel Eowyn

Pastel Sherry Birkin

Pastel Arthur Morgan

Pastel Elli

Pastel Ada Wong

Pastel Claire Redfield

Pastel Princess Daphne

Pastel Yellow Skirt

Pastel Unicorn Girl

Pastel 80’s Girl

Pastel Carmen San Diego

Pastel Daniella – Game Grumps

Pastel Arina – Game Grumps

Pastel Monster Hunter Handler

Pastel Jelly Girl

Pastel Dragon Girl

Pastel Gum

Pastel Potpourri

Pastel Pink Pokemon

Pastel Star Heart

Pastel SpongeBob

Pastel Master Chief

The Little Rainbow Trout

OC Commission – Chibi Lite

The Little Arapaima

The Little Piranha

Doodle 3 Color

Doodle 2 Color

Doodle 1 Color

Doodle 5 BW

Doodle 4 BW

Doodle 3 BW

Doodle 2 BW

Doodle 1 BW

Graphic WA

Lord of Fall

Inktober Day 31

Inktober Day 30

Inktober Day 29

Inktober Day 28

Inktober Day 27

Inktober Day 26

Inktober Day 25

Inktober Day 24

Inktober Day 23

Inktober Day 22

Inktober Day 21

Inktober Day 20

Inktober Day 19

Inktober Day 18

Inktober Day 17

Inktober Day 16

Inktober Day 15

Inktober Day 14

Inktober Day 13

Inktober Day 12

Inktober Day 11

Inktober Day 10

Inktober Day 9

Inktober Day 8

Inktober Day 7

Inktober Day 6

Inktober Day 5

Inktober Day 4

Inktober Day 3

Inktober Day 2

Inktober Day 1

Lindsaile Design

Sushi Merm

Copic Cuties










The Giant Salamander

The Living Skull

The Dreamer

The Mask

Princess Pearl

Cool Evolutions

Nursing Evolutions

Ghostly Evolutions

My Murloc

Simmering Smaug

Pink Princess

Stay in the Bag


Rose Q.