Never Ever After

Never Ever After (NEA) was a project for my Game Design 2 class in April 2018 at Full Sail University.  The goal of this class was to have a working game completed by the end of the month, and the game needed to incorporate a specific theme: “The end is the beginning”.

NEA Screenshot 2

For my game, I focused on a princess who achieved her happy ending, but woke up at the start of her adventure.  She’d been cursed by a jealous suitor, and was going to have to relive the same time loop over and over again until she found out who cursed her.  I really wanted to focus on pixel art for this game, and was so happy with the end result.

NEA Screenshot 3

The class pushed us though multiple milestone phases, and I had to work on trimming the fat each time.  I will freely admit that I was overly ambitious with my first few runs at this projects, but I really liked imagining what it could be.  Didn’t love cutting things out quite as much, but it was a really good lesson (and also very hard).

NEA Screenshot 4

I took a lot of inspiration from point and click adventure games, but spent a lot of time over the course of the month revising and cutting mechanics that just weren’t working.  Having puzzle elements was a new challenge for me, and I enjoyed incorporating that into a narrative structure.  Ultimately, I’m happy with the finished product, but would love to keep developing it further.

NEA Screenshot 5