Out of Time

My January 2018 Game Mechanics course put me in a fantastic team where we created two digital concepts and one analog concept of the same game.  Our game, Out of Time, put the player in platforming levels where time was actually their health.  Running out of time meant losing health, and the player had to move through the stages by solving puzzles or defeating enemies to consume their time.

Our game was adjusted halfway through to remove combat, and we adapted by adding buffs and strategies to solve puzzles instead of defeat enemies.  By the end of the class, we shifted again to adapt the game to an analog setting.  We kept the core concept of time as health and gave the players a finite number of turns to reach the finish line, and added deception tactics to keep competition aggressive.

I did all the art for this game as well, and you can see more of it in detail in the Game Art section of my portfolio!

Time 3