The Witching Hour

The Witching Hour is a project I developed for the 72 hour Games Plus Jam.  The theme was “Time”, and since I’m so averse to platformers (Shovel Knight being a huge exception), I figured I’d give one a go.

Screenshot 1

The game started with the idea of a young witch, Istra, screwing up the time continuum because she thought she’d practice.  The tone is humorous and lighthearted with some heavy content mixed in towards the end, and because I loved this idea so much, I took it to my Foxtopus team.  We decided to go bonkers and actually run forward with development.

Platformer elements stay pretty traditional, but we’ve mixed things up by adding time zones.  Istra can enter one and move fast or slow depending on the zone, but the surrounding environment will also be affected.  Enemies can get crazy fast, as can your attacks!

Screenshot 2

The game is in VERY VERY early testing stages right now, but we’ll have a full demo ready for Kobe Kon in Everett, WA from July 13th to the 15th!

Check out the game page over on itch to see our downloads, and check us out on Discord!