I’ve been playing games and drawing since I was a kid.  I’ve written a lot too, and writing was actually my intended career path for a long time.  It’s why I have my BA in English.  But something changed when the Fire Nation attacked.

I mean, when I decided that the gaming industry could use a little optimism.  So I quit and changed gears to head into actually making games, instead of just playing them!img_7159

I just got married in May 2016 to my amazing husband, and we spend a lot of time quoting movies to each other and generally being dramatic.

My fur babies (yes, they’re my babies) are all adorable and a little too fat in some cases.

My all time favorite game, ever, ever, ever, is Pokemon Sapphire.  Pokemon is my favorite franchise and I’ve played every generation, and still collect the cards today.

Other fandoms include Star Wars, Star Trek, The Lord Of The Rings, Steven Universe, Batman, Sherlock, Final Fantasy…the list goes on.  Too many to count, really.