Unity Projects

I’ve started becoming more familiar with the Unity engine, and have used it in class to complete a few scenes and projects.

Capstone Project, September 2018 – December 2018

For our Capstone project, we worked in the same team of 6 for four consecutive months.  We started the project by choosing a genre (top down 2D adventure), then built systems onto our framework for the next four months.  The project was incredibly challenging, but we were all very happy with our end result.  I did all of the pixel art for the project, and worked on many of the individual systems including an inventory, dialogue, crafting, and combat.  We worked collaboratively using Perforce for the majority of the project, and I served as team lead throughout.  I ultimately graduated as Valedictorian in no small part due to the success of this project, and I’m very grateful that I had such a great team to get me through the incredibly challenging Capstone.

Prototyping, August 2018

Prior to starting our final capstone project, I worked with a group to develop a prototype version of a game with multiple systems added incrementally.  We were given multiple individual tasks that increased in difficulty throughout the month, and continued to practice our C# skills throughout.  I focused on creating unique pixel art and developing a raycasting engine that made the platforming much smoother and effective.

Game Design 3 Levels, August 2017

During my Game Design 3 course at Full Sail University (August 2017), my team worked on putting together our five individually built levels into one playable experience.  Each level had been worked on separately for multiple classes, and as team lead, I had to take responsibility for helping each team member through their individual tasks while making sure we maintained a high quality.  My level is seen from 10:24 to 15:24.

Iterative Design Project Reel, December 2016

I worked on multiple short iterations of scenes and games in this class, including my own ideas and remaking a classic.  Everything was made with a component my professor designed, with no other outside code or models.  Any models included were made by me using Unity’s included resources.

Winter In Japan, October 2016

For my scene, I included a color change script for the neon signs, a movement script for the cat, and a melting script for the large snowballs in the field.  Every building (and snowmen) were modeled in Maya myself, while Unity assets were used for the cat, trees, and terrain.